Holland High Tech branding

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Holland High-Tech – Positioning of the Dutch high-tech sector worldwide The vision of the top sector high-tech systems and materials (initiated by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, mr. Verhagen in 2011) is for the Netherlands to be one of the world’s five leading high-tech suppliers by 2020. In terms of large sales markets, technological collaboration and the ability to attract investors that strengthen the high-tech network in the...

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Brainport Industries

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Strategic communication and advice October 2010 to today The Brainport region around Eindhoven has a unique eco system. A growing and ever finer meshed network of national and multinational suppliers and service providers is establishing itself around the flourishing knowledge and manufacturing industry. The whole chain is represented: from suppliers to fundamental research through to marketing. Directors of Dutch suppliers for innovative...

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Wood circle Van Abbemuseum

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Crowdfunding Wood Circle – Richard Long – for the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven Augustus – October 2011 Richard Long’s Wood Circle had been on loan to the Van Abbemuseum for many years. And then the owners decided to sell it, giving the museum the chance to buy it. But the money needed for the purchase wasn’t in the museum’s budget. At the request of the museum’s management, I wrote a plan to raise a basic amount of at least €...

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ILI Open Light

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Presentation OPENLIGHT lab during Beijing Design Week, China – September 2011 The Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) in Eindhoven studies the interaction between people and light in buildings, built-up areas, art and health. OPENLIGHT is the creative lab where young researchers in different disciplines develop experimental propositions. OPENLIGHT is part of the ILI, where six faculties of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)...

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Strategic advice (May 2008 – ) In 2008, NTS-Group’s board of management asked me to advise them on the communication of the closing of a factory in the Netherlands and on a joint venture with the Israeli company Shemer. I asked critical questions and formulated the ambition and core values of NTS based on the answers I received and created a copy platform as basis for communication about the joint venture. Q&As, press releases, internal...

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Play Van Abbe – Van Abbemuseum

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Positioning – The role of museums in the 21st century (2009-2011) The internationally renowned Van Abbemuseum is one of the leading museums for contemporary art in the Netherlands. The museum has a radical and experimental way of  addressing issues about art and society. Openness, hospitality and the exchange of knowledge are important. In 2009, the Van Abbemuseum’s board of management hired me as Head of Marketing, Education, Liaising and...

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Develop and position the Brainport brand/seal of quality (2006-2009) Brainport is the name of a highly innovative region: the southeast of the Netherlands with Eindhoven at its centre. This region has always come up with ingenious technical inventions, such as the first overseas radio broadcast, the video telephone, electronic music and the CD, LEDs, the Blu-ray disc, tiny computer chips, the MRI scanner and the nano-microscope. The...

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Translate the organization’s core philosophy to the internal target group and job market. 1996-2006 Communication Consultant and Senior Communication Expert Management wanted to keep the unique ‘we’ feeling during the quick growth period that the publically traded company ASML went through in 1996. The company had over 1,000 employees around the world. The position of Communication Officer was created. I set up a small Internal...

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