Strategic advice (May 2008 – )

In 2008, NTS-Group’s board of management asked me to advise them on the communication of the closing of a factory in the Netherlands and on a joint venture with the Israeli company Shemer. I asked critical questions and formulated the ambition and core values of NTS based on the answers I received and created a copy platform as basis for communication about the joint venture. Q&As, press releases, internal communication, letters etc.

Based on the sharpened mission/vision/promise, I wrote an operational communication plan for the whole group, advised on the communication structure and internal and external media for the group. I organized a pitch on the selection of an external communication agency that would give the NTS-Group its public look. The NTS house style and media such as the internet and two NTS magazines, Accelerate, were designed based on this vision. Since then, management has been asking my advice on/involvement in communication with (international) mergers and reorganizations. Together with a number of NTS-Group companies, I sharpened the company’s vision, mission and promise. In 2009, Prime Minister Balkenende visited the NTS-Group to see the economic effect the manufacturing companies are having on the region of southeast Brabant. I organized and managed this visit and the press, and worked together with EVD.

My approach contributed to NTS’ aim to be the most respected supplier in the field of opto-mechatronic modules and systems, and partner of choice for their clients. My critical questions sharpened management’s vision. My experience in communication with technology companies such as ASML (one of NTS’ customers) and understanding of the technology market give me insight into complex situations in the high-tech eco structure and enable me to advise management boards. This structural approach has given NTS a professional image and enabled the company to position themselves according to their ambition.

About NTS-Group

The NTS-Group is an international first-line supplier in the high-tech industry for international customers. The NTS-Group develops, manufactures and optimizes opto-mechatronic systems, modules and components for international machine builders (OEMs). NTS’ factories in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Israel and China enable to company to respond flexibly to market requirements. The unique and international strength of the NTS-Group companies enables customers to quickly deliver high-quality machines to their markets at competitive prices.