Strategic advice. Linking rationale and emotion. Supervision. Of startups, cultural changes, collaborations and innovative environments. A process and result-oriented approach coupled with associative thinking to get to the core of meaning and value. As basis for communication and internal and external collaboration. Every issue requires an individual approach that fits the person and the organization.

Carina Weijma works for and with managers, CEOs and executives. Because a manager shapes the company’s culture to a large extent, the ability to reflect is a prerequisite of collaboration.

‘I think it’s important that a company is socially or economically responsible. I have the most fun with startups, creative environments, niche markets, and collaborations. It’s the fringes of an industry sector that make hybrids and new thoughts possible. That’s also a reason why I work in the arts and design in addition to high-tech and manufacturing.’

‘I’m convinced that the external network and the way it’s perceived by the organization is an important part of success at every level. An inspiring relationship is also the most stimulating for change. The willingness to set one’s own interests aside and collaborate are basic pillars of an organization.’