‘Carina Weijma paid a valuable contribution to the creation of the Holland High-Tech brand. The meetings and discussions she had with the diverse group of people supporting the Dutch high-tech systems sector enabled her to quickly formulate the market positioning. A transition was made from inside-out thinking to outside-in thinking. She substantiated this positioning with other stories that support the Holland High-Tech claim as well as with the contents of the Holland High-Tech website. In her (inter)national role as brand manager she is a true ambassador of Holland High-Tech.’
Marc Hendrikse, member of the HTSM top team, holder of the Foreign Affairs Agenda portfolio, and CEO of the NTS Group, June 2012

‘Thank you for your valuable feedback on the film “Holland… More than tulips and clogs”. I was so glad I asked you to take a look and work with us!’
Vincent Stokman, Unit Manager Holland Branding, NL EVD International, NL Agency, May 2012.
NL EVD International asked Carina Weijma to make an international promotional film with NL Agency and Tiggus that shows the power of Dutch innovation. Introduced at the Binnenhof (the Dutch Parliament) during TEDx and to the world by Holland branding and ambassadors.

‘Carina is fast, determined, energetic, cheerful and positive. She has a realistic view of the world and her work, and is very easy to approach. It is a real pleasure meeting her.’
Coen van Ham, founder and Creative Director, COEN! design agency, June 2011

‘I’ll explain my comparison with the Champions League again, and this time I’ll be more elaborate. What I mean is that by using your talent and professional environment judiciously you are able to boost your own professionalism (i.e. interact productively with your context) in a way that is difficult to imagine here in Rome. See it as a compliment for your talent and the way the Dutch do business!’
Dominique Rethans, architect, Rome, Italy, February 2012

“Carina was hired by Holst Centre to assist in the process of writing a full communications plan for web applications. Carina instantly recommended starting on a higher strategic level for the full communications strategy; an advice that brought a better level of results. The reporting that Carina took care of, logging the values, and the more operational approach, were of excellent quality. We also got complimented by the interactive media agencies we worked with. Well done, Carina, it was a pleasure working with you. We will think of you for next projects. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.’
Margot Nijkamp, HR Director Holst Centre, September 2008. Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt hired Carina as a Communications Consultant in 2008. The innovative Holst Centre is a long-term relation in Carina Weijma’s network.