Carina Weijma has over 15 years’ experience working in and advising on communication, organizational cultures and (brand) positioning.

Carina Weijma studied cultural studies and Italian. She specializes in the translation of vision, mission and core values – the heart and the strength of an organization – to the effective communication of identity.

She gained most of her experience in supervision roles and as a bridge builder in hybrid collaborations and startups. For example, in the ‘triple helix’ collaboration between government, business and knowledge institutes. In financial earning models and organizations that don’t focus on profit but on value.

These branding projects often consist of business, brand and communication positioning. Carina Weijma has worked for and with innovative organizations such as ASML, Brainport, Van Abbemuseum, NTS Group and the Dutch top team high-tech systems and materials.
An international collaboration project that she started up with partners in the Netherlands and Italy is Project Elica. For more information about her experience and supervision roles, see the Portfolio, Endorsements from clients, and the article Managing a flat organization.